Quitting Smoking

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Smoking is an addiction, and regardless of how many cigarettes you smoke per day, it’s likely to be a habit that’s hard to break. Smoking is a leading cause of preventable death here in the UK, and according to the Office For National Statistics, 77,600 deaths were attributable to smoking per year in England between 2016 to 2018. With that being said, it’s worth knowing more about how you can help quit the habit and the benefits it can have on your life in different ways. 

The Health Effects Of Smoking

Smoking is one of the habits that can affect every area of your body, whether it’s your lungs or your heart, it can all be impacted. Smoking, on the surface, can aid your body to age a lot quicker than those who don’t smoke. It can lead to bad breath and stained teeth. You might be able to tell that skin blemishes or wounds take a lot more time to heal than usual. Your hair may go grey sooner, and your nails and the area around your fingers could become stained yellow.

Going deeper into the health effects of smoking is your chances of being able to reproduce. According to Reproductive Facts, female smokers end up needing more ovary-stimulating medications during IVF, and that menopause can happen 1 to 4 years early for those who smoke. Smoke-related diseases like heart disease and lung cancer can all be more likely to occur if you’re a smoker.

Identifying When You Need To Smoke

It’s important to be aware of your triggers so that you can be more successful in quitting smoking. These triggers may be related to stress or it could be triggered in certain scenarios or by certain individuals who may influence you to smoke more. Identifying these triggers and finding ways to reduce them or cut them out completely from your lifestyle can certainly help with kicking the habit.

Finding incentives to stop smoking can also be helpful, like knowing that life insurance is going to be much cheaper for non-smokers than it is for smokers. Being able to save money is certainly an advantage when trying to cut down or cut out smoking completely. You can always check on Life Insurance Comparison for examples of just how much you could save.

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What Support Is Out There?

Just like any habit, getting support for the addiction to smoking is important too. With that being said, there are lots of helpful resources out there that can help you to quit. You’ve got local stop smoking services that you can get in touch with, as well as reaching out to family members and friends for support too.

When it comes to smoking, quitting is easier said than done. For many, they can end up falling off the wagon several times before they finally kick the habit. However, it’s important not to get disheartened when this happens because at least you’re trying. Make sure to look online for any helpful guides on quitting and useful tips that perhaps other previous smokers that you know would suggest and that have worked for them.